Imagine this.

You want to buy an item from the comfort of your home. So you pick up your smartphone only to find out the item's website is completely broken. You take your laptop and try again. This time the website loads but it's very hard to find what you're looking for or navigate through it.

With luck and a few curse words you finally find the item you've been looking for. You click on it once, twice, a few more times and - nothing happens. The search option works only half-way but it finds the item and item page finally loads. You hit the buy button and are greeted by 404 error.

You curse whoever developed the website and google for a competitor who sells the same item.

Here's the thing: it's very likely your visitors are struggling with your website in the similar manner.

For every digital problem - even yours - there is a solution.

That's why a lot of care and knowledge has been taken into making your websites work for you.

Hello. I'm Peter Pečenko, (for now the only) face behind Punkter.

Almost 20 years ago I got into web development, actively solving tech problems for almost half of that time. It hasn't been until recently that I decided to take the decades of self-learning and solving problems into a real standalone business deal.

I provide Joomla and WordPress solutions, icons, and templates for various CMSs.

My goal is to make your websites fast (no cluttering with unnecessery files or extra code), secure and easily accessible to your visitors.

Be a part of solution.

Your website is a digital representation of your business. Make yourself feel proud of it.

I'm available for new projects. Let's begin working on your website before my schedule gets full.

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